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When looking for outdoor tile, Down to Earth textured quarry tile is a great choice


Down to Earth® is an indoor / outdoor, naturally slip-resisting unglazed ceramic quarry tile from Metropolitan Ceramics®. Down to Earth® is 1/2″ thick and has through-the-body flashed colors, distinct textures and unique sizing. Perfect for your outdoor porch, as outdoor tiles for patios, walkway or pool surround.

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Aesthetically pleasing
We’ve designed Down to Earth® with an eye toward design. Down to Earth® is offered in four earth tone colors. Each color is available in one distinct size and texture. Nominal 4″ x 8″ Velour Texture – the look of a wire cut paver. Down to Earth® tile has random kiln fired shade variation from tile to tile for added appeal.

Because Down to Earth® is textured the grout color can add to the look of the surface of the tile. In either a traditional or contemporary setting, Down to Earth® answers the call to have natural elements incorporated into the design.

Slip Resisting
The concern with slip falls is magnified in an outdoor setting. Down to Earth® is unglazed and textured with a dynamic coefficient of friction ≥.60 wet. This is considered a very good rating for a tile in regard to slip fall. Because of the Down to Earth® textured and unglazed face, the chance of a person hydroplaning and slipping when they walk across the surface is greatly reduced. Hydroplaning is caused by a layer of water developing between the foot and the tile surface. The more irregularities – such as a rough face and texture grooves – a tile has, the less chance for water to build up resulting in the foot skimming the surface – slipping. With unglazed/textured Down to Earth®, the problem is greatly reduced as compared to other tile products that might be considered for outdoors. When anti slip tile is needed, Down to Earth® has the right features to work with.

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